• 3.12 Turn Wi-Fi Off and On

    1.  Enter the NovoTouch home screen and tap the button at the bottom to enter the All Apps menu. 2.  Tap NT Settings. 3.  Tap Wi-Fi. 4.  Select Connect to Wi-Fi, and then tap Configure. 5.  In the Select Wi-Fi menu, select the Wi-Fi SSID you want to connect to….

  • 3.13 Change Device Name

    1.  In the All Apps menu, tap NT Settings. 2.  In the NT Settings menu, tap General. 3.  Tap Room Name to edit the name for the device/display. 4.  Once you return to the NT Launcher home screen, you can check for the new device name in the top-right corner….

  • 3.9 Hiding/Showing NT App Store and Google Play Store

    1.  After updating the display’s operating system and powering on, by default NT App Store will be displayed and Google Play Store will be hidden in the display’s All Apps menu. 2.  First tap NT App Store. 3.  Once NT App Store has been launched, return to the All Apps…

  • 3.1.1 Changing the background Image

    Changing the background Image Step1. In NT Launcher main screen, touch and hold the background image for 2 seconds. Step2. A menu of pre-saved images will appear from which you can select the new background image.

  • 4.1.1 Sleep Timer

    This article is applicable for NovoTouch EK-2/EK-3 series. Configuring a Sleep Timer Step1. In the NT Settings menu, tap Display. Step2. In the Display menu, select Sleep Timer. Step3. The Sleep Timer menu will show the following options: Do not enter sleep mode Enter sleep mode after idle timeout This…

  • 6. Remote Power On/Off (RDM)

    Remote Power On/Off 1. Launch RDM. 2. Use a mouse to navigate to the display you want to control, and then double click the green status indicator. 3. A confirmation window will pop up. 4. After selecting Yes, the status indicator for the display you want to power off will…