• 2. Device-side Configuration

    Configuring Studio Express on the device is very simple and straightforward. Disable or enable Studio Express Show or hide the information of Studio Express on the home-screen To access these configurations, click on “Settings” button. “Home-screen Config” and “Studio Express” buttons will take you to the actual configuration.

  • 3.4 Configure Device Settings

    You don’t have the access to all device settings via Studio Express. Instead, Studio Express only carries a limited set of device settings necessary for your day-to-day work, where you can find the settings you need quickly. Welcome aboard – Show the “Welcome Aboard” page General – Edit device name,…

  • 3.3 Create & Update Playlists

    Creating playlists can follow three intuitive steps. Select a template Specify the suitable widget for each zone (region) Input the content for each widget. In addition, you can do more, including the followings. Add multiple pages to a playlist Define or configure the audio source Change the playlist name One…

  • 3.2 Manage Playlists

    Studio Express offers tools for you to take full control of your playlists, including Start & stop playback Create and edit playlists Update content, even when the playlist is being played. As illustrated in the picture below, these features are self-explanatory.

  • 3.1 Welcome Aboard

    When you connect to Studio Express the very first time, the “Welcome Aboard” page pops up to guide you through the following key parameters so that you can get stared very quickly. Device name Screen orientation – This allow you to specify what orientation the screen is installed, landscape or…

  • 3. Software Features

    Studio Express is designed to support various screen dimensions, such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptop computers. For example, the same “Welcome aboard” page can fit a mobile phone screen and a laptop computer screen properly. The following two pictures show how it looks on both screen sizes. This flexible…

  • 1. What is Studio Express

    Studio Express allows you to update or create new digital signage messages on the spot, accessible with a web browser! Using mobile or desktop, any authorized user can easily update the latest messaging on the digital signage. Safe, but easy. The following figure illustrates how Studio Express works. Studio Express…

  • NovoDS Studio Express

    Update or create new signage messages on the spot, accessible with a web browser using your mobile phone or laptop.

  • Feature Updates

    This article documents product feature changes of NovoDS.